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Company Profile

Phap Duyen was founded in March 2015 under the business license No.0313170916 issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City.

Phap Duyen team is formed on the basis of high-qualified engineers who have extensive experience in building structure design and construction. Many of Phap Duyen personnel obtained their undergraduate and graduated engineers from top universities in Vietnam. Along with practical skills, our people also have strong academic backgrounds. Until now, our team has nearly 20 well – trained engineers.

Phap Duyen provides a wide range of consultancy services including building structure design, retrofit design, peer review and value engineering, infrastructure engineering. Our firm has involved in a wide spectrum of construction from offices, local governmental headquarters, educational buildings, healthcare centers, apartments, sport facilities to dwelling houses. Many of the projects, such as those with significant height, deep excavation or with high expectation of performance, require diverse     expertise and profound practical experience that are all taken by our team.

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